Sunday, February 22, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

As you know, a number of Academy Awards are not camera-worthy and don't make it to the Oscar show. Your intrepid reporter has ferreted some out, for your enjoyment:

Best crustacean in a comedy bit: Tie between the crab reaching out from the soup and latching onto Curly's nose, and Woody Allen chasing the lobster around the kitchen.

Best apple: The Honeycrisp

Best sauce: Argentina's second greatest contribution to the world, after the tango: chimichurri

Best celebrity bottom: Jennifer Anniston

Best breakfast place in the world: Jeannine's, Santa Barbara and Montecito

Funkiest coffeehouse: Java Station, Santa Barbara

Best, and funkiest, movie theater: the West Shore, New Cumberland, 70 years old next year

Worst idea, like, ever: deregulation

Best axes: classic Fenders, of course

Lifetime achievement award: writer Wendell Berry

You heard it here.


  1. Wait -- this just in from Hollywood!

    Best wife on the planet: the lovely and talented Nancy P.

    Will you unlock the door now?