Monday, March 23, 2009

Down and Dirty

Spring is filling the air and land with energy, pushing groggy Winter back to his northern domain. I think I see the goldfinches turning yellower each day, the brave crocus tribe is on Carnivale parade, the lilac is covered with bursting green buds. The flannel sheets will be folded and stored, outside will be invited back in, and we may well be less cautious and ready to risk some foolishness.

Yesterday I headed down to son Zach's creekside manor and constructed a 3' x 8' box for a raised bed garden in the side yard -- haven't had a garden beyond a tomato plant in years. While looking way ahead to snapping beans and shelling peas, I'm wondering whether I'll have a chance of getting there, since I spotted a groundhog ambling around down the hillside. There are also a number of rabbits nearby. We feed the house pets and the birds outside at home, and it seems likely we'll be feeding these furry critters too. Let the games begin!

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