Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Getting Better

I think we're on a roll (Kaiser? Portuguese?). Last November we experienced that thrill inside called hope, but hopes have been crushed before. Could the pendulum of time and events be returning, in its eternal sweeping arc, to a sweet spot? Just may be:
Bruce the Boss will be playing tonight in Hershey. I'm looking forward to some rave reviews and action pictures in the paper tomorrow morning! "Thunder Road" was #1 in a recent local poll, and was #1 out of all songs in last year's voting on WXPN-FM (Philadelphia). Good choice; but they're all good!
Yesterday, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology downtown graduated its first class.
Old buildings nearby have been renovated for housing, one building just for international students. The Starbucks closed early this year, but I'll bet someone will open a local hangout (as I recall, we VCU students majored in that more than anything...)
An environmental tech center, The Green Center, opens soon as a partnership between HACC (the community college) and GreenWorks Development (think of that -- a green developer!) in Midtown (a pretty skeezy area right now). Developing, teaching and applying green technologies will be the mission. Those are missionaries I can see doing some real good.
Even old New Cumberland is bustin' out: the first annual Greenfest will be held on June 27, with an organic food expo in the fire hall. The well-known Apple Festival draws thousands with its food offerings; hope this event is as least partly as successful. The Main Street Project was completed in the few blocks of downtown a short while ago -- new sidewalks edged with brick pavers, new trees, and really nice streetlights, but the news is that it's being extended up and down Third Street (where The Local Beat is), Second, and Reno too. Doing my part, I finished the foundation patching and wood trim sanding/priming today at the Beat and will be back to do the painting when the new sidewalk and street paving are done next week.
Think globally but rock locally!

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