Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Noncontroversial Joke for David Letterman

At a private girls' school, things were quiet except for a recent complaint from the janitor. It seems the students were putting lipstick on and placing big smooches all over the restroom mirrors. Not real high on the scale of past, or possible, misdemeanors, but unhappy staff members were taken seriously by the principal. Addressing her charges at the next assembly, she asked them to desist, citing all the unnecessary extra work they were causing the janitor.
They kept on, of course, because no better prank idea had occured to them yet. A week later, the principal took the girls after lunch to the restroom along with the distressed maintenance man, and said, "I want you to see how much work this is for him." After she nodded in his direction, he dipped his mop into the toilet and scrubbed the numerous lipstick smudges off the mirror.
There are teachers, and there are educators.

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  1. Would it been a better lesson to wipe the lipstick off the girls face with the mop? They won't do that again.