Sunday, July 5, 2009

What The ---?

"Maybe I'm amazed," Paul sang. I'm just dumbfounded.
While the summer weather has been more like a delightful Spring lately, with cottony clouds, breezes, more sun balancing out the rain of past weeks, you'd THINK folks would be outdoors a little, open up a few windows, and turn off the endlessly rasping air conditioners. After 17 years here, we're still the only ones who eat outdoors on the deck, or even use it more than once a year.
When it's in the low 70s, the air conditioners all around never stop. Ours is still the rusty original, because we use it WHEN IT'S REALLY NEEDED and only then. After electric rate caps expire at the end of this year and rates go up at least 33%, will people just scream about the price and feel all oppressed? You bet. Lots easier than trying to improve your wasteful behavior.
I was stopped dead by the real estate section in today's (Sunday) paper. The featured home in a new subdivision which has already sold 29 of the 39 lots has a 900 square foot master suite! A single person (or an economical couple) could live in a place that size well enough (and do, all over the world). The price range in "Pinehurst Hills" goes from $800,000 to $3 million. WHAT? Multiply that by insurance, maintenance, taxes and improvements...the word obscene doesn't even cover it.
As Kingfish said, "I's regusted!"


  1. Is that your "castle"? Wow!
    But I agree with you. What happened before AC? I didn't have it in school and we got by. I didn't have it at home and we got by. A small window unit in the bedroom makes sleeping comfortable, but for the most part, there is ONE hot wet during the year.
    The same is true for Cold. The rest is tolerable, if you take your time and drink plenty of liquids.

  2. That"wet" was suppose to be WEEK.