Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Top Ten from Esquire's "60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For"

1. Danger Dogs: Tijuana hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried, then topped with mayonnaise
2. Jersey Breakfast Dogs: with scrambled eggs and melted cheese
3. Surf Teahuppoo, Tahiti: great swells above a cheese-grater coral reef
4. Give Someone a Kidney
5. Black Cat Espresso from Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea: a triple. makes you vibrate.
6. Vision Quest Bull Riding Experience, Branson MO: "we try to match the livestock to your abilities"
7. Bullfighting School in California (the only legal one): someone's getting wounded in this battle
8. Butter
9. Drugs
10.Cream Puffs: the best are at the Wisconsin State Fair
Gives you something to think about, anyway.


  1. Drugs? But isn't that what health care is all about? Take a pill and shorten your life. I feel my veins closing now.

  2. I'll take a #5. By the way, do you think the proprietor for #6 is potentially similar to "Cousin Eddie" in National Lampoons "Vacation" movies?

  3. I'd put all these things in the same category as climbing ice-covered mountains: (except for the espresso,) the cost-benefit analysis fails.

    I think the "Cousin Eddies" of this world got their start like the guy who convinced the naive shmuck of "Christmas Story" to put his tongue on the frozen flagpole. Like the old IBM sign said: THINK!