Saturday, February 27, 2010

If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit

Zach and I found out there is a lot to be said for building codes and product standards. He replaced his old bed thanks to a tax refund, and the best part of the deal for me was delivery and set-up, since his bedroom is on the second floor and I've done enough moving over the years. We thought the new box spring would go up the narrow, steep old staircase because there was a full size bed up there already.
We discovered why the previous owner left it. The same reason people leave old oak upright pianos when they move.
The mattress went upstairs first, thanks to its flexibility. The box spring, not so much. One wall was damaged, a chunk of the header had to be hammered out while the thing was stuck, and finally the next header was ripped out, and then there was just enough room to smash it through and up the steps.
So, in addition to the two-page list of projects needing done there, we just added three more items! One step forward, two back is the usual scenario, and the list just keeps growing like crabgrass.
I think when that staircase was built, people made beds out of straw and feed bags -- before such handy things as building codes.
The plumbing is a whole other story.


  1. I've got some greenboard laying around, but you may be in more need of some horse hair and... let me know if you need some help!

  2. Sorry to say, I'm not the only one. If you need to break away from that construction, you can come down here to this construction. 8^)