Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What About Bob?

Six years ago, Gilligan, our cat, showed up out back looking for a home. Drew the shrew has been living out front (or rather, generations following the original Drew) for even longer. Downstairs in his basement burrow, the last of six rabbits, the almost immortal BB Bunny, has grown from a little fuzzball into a jolly Burl Ives type of fellow. I guess the word got out about our open-door policy, because last summer a tulip poplar seedling moved in, choosing the narrow strip out front between the sidewalk and the garage. Leaving it undisturbed to see if it survived the winter, I found it this year full of vigor and seemingly determined to become a full-sized tree in record time. About a year old now, its tropical-looking leaves are 13" by 10"! You've got to admire this much enthusiasm.
Now I'm stuck with a moral dilemma. This is about the worst location possible for tree roots -- the sidewalk and garage floor will be no match for their voracious reach in just a few years if this first year's growth is any indication. But how can I consider removing it? First, that would be heartless. Second, it already has a name, like a pet, and once here they should enjoy living out their natural lives.
So...what about Bob the tree?


  1. Named a lot of critters, but never a plant. Got to get back to talking to trees. I've got a "Bob" and it's 40 feet tall. Wonderful shade from huge leaves and it does grow fast. Save the foundation and take Bob for a hike. Another volunteer will probably show up.

  2. Plant Bob on the ravine behind Zach's place. I'll bring the rope. BTW, I've named fish, even though I really couldn't tell them apart.
    I think naming things gives them a personality and helps the givers have a chance to watch the personality even if the named object doesn't display it; it can be imagined and therefore enjoyed anyway.