Friday, September 17, 2010

New Noise, Old Noise

"...And the Tea Party aims to fix all this, to make things right again. I listen to their blather about "freedom" and all I can imagine is the sound of boots outside the door, and men in badly-fitting camo uniforms and buzzcut hair commanding me to accept John Boehner as my personal savior. Pardon me, but I don't see how this will really improve anybody's lot in life."
--James Howard Kunstler's blog for 9/12/2010.

As Alexander Solzenitsyn said after long experience with an incompetent, fearful, repressive "punisher" regime: don't listen to them, don't acknowledge them, don't cooperate with them.

"Benedict warned against 'agressive forms' of secularism. The German pope recalled how Britain had stood against 'Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society.' "

--Wire report from Scotland in today's newspaper.

I can understand that Teabag blowhards who disdain education, science and logic would be all confused, but Benedict is an educated man who has spent his life in central Europe and knows the score. Hitler stated he was, and always would be, a Catholic. The uniforms, the required unquestioning obedience and murkily powerful symbology of fascism is a mirror of that other 2000-year Reich. The Odessa network funneled Nazis out of postwar Europe into safe havens through church facilities in Austria and Italy; neither Hitler, Franco nor Mussolini put the death squeeze on the Vatican like their counterpart Stalin would have -- they all worked out amicable arrangements. How can secularism even be "agressive?" It is not an institution or an organized movement. It is just the desire of evolved people to live, and let live, rationally.

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  1. But the mob doesn't reason, does it? It only believes according to hive mind -- thinking be damned (straight outta the'Bible, don't ya know?) -- and it wants whatever it is it wants. And if you're different from them, then you is EEEEEEVILLLLLL! (Thanks for the Kunstler quote -- I've bookmarked his blog.)