Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fight For Your Right To...Get Screwed?

Between 2009 and 2011, Bank of America tried to confiscate Chief Warrant Officer Charles Pickett's home three times. CWO Pickett was serving in Iraq (making it very difficult to defend himself; you can't just ask for personal time off from an armed forces assignment) and was current on his mortgage payments. He was only one of thousands of service members, many overseas, who have been illegally foreclosed upon during this time period. These actions were too numerous to have been a mistake, and were taken in direct defiance of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003.
While CWO Pickett finally beat BofA back, his credit was damaged. This can affect his security clearance, and thus his career, seriously. Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY) addressed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about this ongoing criminal behavior of America's deregulated financial industry the other day. For many innocent people, it's too late.
Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase have been fined -- not prosecuted and jailed. Fined = wink, wink/you can do what you want, it's the Free Market!
Zach's mortgage is with Chase. Not our choice; it was sold and re-sold, to the slimiest bidder, I guess.
CWO Pickett is half-way around the world in Iraq to supposedly, somehow, bring it democracy, justice and the rights of man. But he and thousands of others are being ambushed and attacked on the home front by the well-educated, well-dressed mafia that can't be touched. Exxon-Mobil has not paid all its bills and fines for the Valdez oil spill so many years ago, and never will.
If any of those who lost their homes to illegal foreclosure are Apache helicopter pilots, here is the address to program into your missiles:
Bank of America, 100 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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