Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little Night Musing

What to do?  So many thoughts whirling around, new ideas collected in the troll net dragged through the Internet, even so many good or really silly pictures -- now that I'm at a standoff with Facebook about their (non-) privacy policies and not posting anymore, what to do with it all?
It's not helping with ideas for this lonely outpost of cheapo journalism.  Today I gathered notes and developed shaky opinions on the sad subject of directors (corporate and nonprofit boards of directors)...but even I won't inflict that on you, my loyal reader (or two).
The inspiration came from a columnist/blogger I look forward to reading in our newspaper's two-page Sunday Wall Street Journal excerpt.  The first time I read "Al's Emporium" by Al Lewis (had never heard of him, but I give all columnists one or two chances), I did a silent-movie double-take and read it all through again.  He belonged in the WSJ as much as "Family Guy" and the other subversive comedies belong on the Fox television network, since slimy Murdoch & Co. own Fox, Dow Jones and the Journal.   AND he appears on the Fox Business Channel.  You'd think, with such associations, he'd be as palatable as George Will or that National Review Online hack who appears with wretched regularity on our local editorial page.  But he's clear, factual, logical and not the least afraid to puncture and deflate those in the business/financial world who desperately need it (well, we need to see it done, even if nothing changes).  A professional scribe for twenty-five years, he has developed a style I can only admire from afar.  One of his four-word sentences at the end of a concise paragraph:  knockout punch.
Today's "Proven Job Eliminators" had me at the title.  It's about Meg Whitman, who announced last week her plan to eliminate 27,000 jobs at Hewlett-Packard.  Al notes she repeatedly campaigned as a "proven job creator" during her (Republican, of course) try at the California governor's office:  "...I have spent 30 years creating jobs..." was the claim, despite having only (supposedly) created 15,000 as CEO of eBay over ten years.  I'm seeing a vice presidential running mate for Mittens!
The second half of the essay, about director incompetence, follows "And the first job she should find a way to eliminate is the one held by chairman Ray Lane."  I think Al and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone should continue to fill you in about directors, CEOs, business foolishness and economic train wrecks, and so, I refer you to them.  They've always got a new jaw-dropper.
So what have I got for you?
Well, today the clematis vines bloomed in red, white and blue for Memorial Day.
The Black Cherry Smoothie at Panera was cold and delicious.
We got the first box of produce, on the usual Thursday, of this year's subscription to our favorite Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, Spiral Path up the far reaches of Perry County, and I can only assure you that the giant red romaine lettuce was impressive, fresh and delicious, and is already gone.
I had the wrong type of fertilizer on hand, and as a lovely but useless result, have vigorous, tall onion plants with small, underdeveloped onions on the business end.
Gilligan, our tuxedo cat, goes nuts when the Sprial Path bag is opened, looking for corn (alas, not in season yet!) -- he puts his head inside to happily chew away at the husks.  He can smell corn before it has made its way inside from the garage.  His little black buddy, Blackberry, has his own quirk:  he insists I stand beside him while he munches the cat food in his bowl.  Another ritual is the evening snack around 9 - 9:30 PM.  They know exactly when that is and will remind me if I'm slow about it.
Pet stories.  What next, excited tales about scrapbooking, with lots of exclamation points???!!!

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  1. First thoughts: Don't worry be happy. After quickly scrolling through all the trash on Facebook, it does show what some people follow. And Facebook doesn't tell anyone any more than your bank. Besides you are being tracked everywhere anyway. The conclusion is you write about your cats and the clouds in the sky and the 9 PM treat.