Tuesday, April 16, 2013

742 Evergreen Terrace

Home of the Simpson family
The Henderson, NV, replica Simpsons kitchen

How it looks today.  Homer sad.

 In 1997, Kaufman & Broad Homebuilders, Fox Network and Pepsi sponsored the building of a replica of the TV Simpson family's house in Henderson, Nevada, as a contest grand prize.  In all the sketchy history of human achievement, this has to have been a shining moment.

A little narrower than the "real" TV home, it closely duplicated it, at 2200 square feet and with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The exterior and interior colors (especially the kitchen!) were carefully copied and 1500 items of Simpsons furnishings were displayed, including Duff beer cans and the iconic sailboat painting on the wall.  Fans by tens of thousands went to see it.  The winner elected to take the cash alternative, however (why? why??), and the house was sold in 2001, when, to conform to Home Owners' Association rules, it was repainted in the forlorn non-colors you see in the above picture and all the interior goodies were removed.

The name of the subdivision where 742 was brought to three-dimensional life?  Springfield, of course.

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