Thursday, April 10, 2014

"...they PULLED me back in"

Graphic by Nimrod Studios, Richmond, VA

Am I stuck in a nightmare?  I wake up to the alarm and go to work day after day, just like in the OldTimes when I had a real job.  I have to plan my day in advance and have information at the ready.  Yesterday Nancy even packed up my old blue and white Igloo lunchbox.  And there's more laundry to do than a man of leisure should be accumulating.

All right, it's not that bad, and it is temporary.  This seemed to be a good year to just get all the remodeling projects done on son Zach's 114-year-old house, even though the dragging-on winter slowed the start.  What prompted this scary scenario was the opening of a ReStore nearby -- the recycling outlet run by Habitat for Humanity.  They have new as well as used items, from windows to furniture to paint, so we went and found exactly what was needed to get started:  all the wall tile for the upstairs bathroom (at 10 cents each) and two unused Andersen windows at very much less than retail.  So we loaded that stuff up and called our trusty contractor and it begins.

I'm mostly painting the outside, doing some small things and finishing up the downstairs 1/2 bath, while the contractor is rebuilding the second floor bath before tackling the windows (which will involve a lot of wall rebuilding -- nothing's as simple as it should be).  Then a new kitchen floor covering* to complete the marathon.  I have nothing left to do at home, so there's time for all this. 

But a morning alarm?  Uncivilized.


*Congoleum Dura Ceramic 16"x16", sort of a vinyl tile with a ceramic floor tile surface.  Not so hard on the feet, and it comes in a hundred colors.  Good stuff.


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