Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye

I've noticed some blogs, either after
a few posts or many over several
years, just end.  You wonder what
happened -- something drastic, or
just a loss of interest, or something
mundane like moving.  Probably
people just get busy with other

When I started "Just Sayin' " I had a
lot of things in mind to explore, explain
or look into.  Into the process a hundred
other things popped up, like finding
that story in an old book that I researched
and developed into "Love Among the Coconuts."  I never would have found out about that
forgotten tale without a blog to write. 

I taught exactly one course, once at a technical school, and found that it's true you learn more
as a teacher than as a student.  Whatever you have found here, and I hope you enjoyed it, I
found so much more digging, researching, and even looking for fun illustrations.

But there's so much noise out there I don't need to add to it any more.  So, as a wiser man
once said, good night and good luck.


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