Monday, July 26, 2010

Forward, Stop Light, Turn, Forward...Are We There Yet?

A long airplane trip is just like a local car trip is just like the progress of your life through time. You're moving along from point to point, get slowed down or stopped, lose momentum, redirect your efforts (or are redirected by larger forces), get what you want or need, or just get old (as Billy Joel noted). The soundtrack changes from propelling rhythm to scratches and noise, to commercials, and then sometimes a lovely Nick Drake tune kind of day.
Time to get serious and organized, time to detach and chill, time to get and time to give. The Hindus say there are four periods of life, each with its own challenges, pains and rewards: infancy (learn the basics), youth (direct your energies to advance skills), adulthood (family responsibilities, centering yourself), seniority (sum it up, give back, settle your mind on letting go).
Our type, or level, of consciousness is a gift and a heavy burden. Cats don't write or read history, perform music or question everything, but they are keenly aware, skilled and know exactly how to enjoy a nap in the sunny window.
Is there a word for doing something delightfully silly and useless, but doing it very well? Like a funny cartoon or joke, getting a hundred people to perform "Thriller," or making a sand sculpture like the one pictured...
On either our daily or cosmic trips, accomplishing what we set out to do is good, and taking a turn off the path to accomplish nothing except a moment of joy is good too.

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  1. Fun. People today seem to have lost the simple act. Instead of the freedom of children, we force ourselves into expected modes of behavior. Take a breathe and roll down a grassy hill.