Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name...

The bird we call "robin" is actually a thrush. It looked like the unrelated European robin so that's what it was named.

The Europeans also mistakenly named the bison "buffalo," after a similar animal, the wisent, which roamed the wild areas of eastern Europe (there are still a few left).

Hollywood was named after the abundant "holly" shrubs and trees found in the hills there. These have similar small white flowers, evergreen foliage, and red berries, but they are actually toyon and a member of the rose family.

Meg Ryan's real name is Margaret Hyra.

Using information like this to liven up conversation at a party will guarantee that you'll be left alone.

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  1. Puppywoods was named by the number of trees that became a forest. Grey Jays come up from Florida every year to enjoy the feast, then return as the season changes. And "Heather" wasn't her name. Figure that out.